Each Big Little pair is unique and you will learn as you go how to be the best mentor to your Little. There are some key expectations we have for all our Bigs to help you start a positive relationship with your Little.

Be Trustworthy.

As a trusted adult you should provide validation and companionship, share thoughts and feelings, help your Little, and work with your Little to make decisions.

Be a Positive Role Model.

A role model is someone that others imitate or look to for guidance. The overall key in behaving as a positive role model is that your beliefs, actions, and words are aligned. Being a positive role model means setting a good example, acknowledging your imperfections and making sure your actions speak louder than your words.

Be Nurturing.

Your role is to see the strengths of your Little and to help them grow and flourish. You should be nurturing of possibilities by identifying you Little's intersts and introducing him or her to new ideas, places, people, and things.

If you have questions about your match, please reach out to your Match Specialist for guidance.

For match activities see our Events Page.

Remember to stay off your phone when you meet with your Little.

Try to establish a regular time to meet with your Little.

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